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Winter Hair Rescue

Feel that chill? Have layers of clothing on to keep you warm? Not unusual, February is the coldest month of the year! And even though we all look forward to those occasional bursts of warm air and sunlight, the drying combination of cold outside weather and indoor heat can be devastating to our hair! Here are a few steps everyone can take to keep your hair looking fabulous through the rest of winter.

Protect your hair from the cold!

Never go outside with damp hair. Hair shafts expand in the cold and has an increased possibility of breakage. Also, you can catch a cold! So be sure that your hair is completely dry before leaving the house!

Keep your winter hat handy. Most winter hats are made from rough fabrics – think of all those fabulous hand knit caps – which can help cause split ends and breakage. Wrapping your hair in a scarf works, or take an old blouse and cut it to line the inside of your hat(s).

Over-styling and dry indoor heat provide a double dose of dry when it comes to your hair and scalp. Pull back on over-styling during winter months to keep a healthy scalp. Drinking plenty of water also helps keep you hydrated – including your hair and scalp.

Products make all the difference!

Ethica Anti-Aging Shampoo – was developed with an advanced technology that protects and nourishes each hair shaft while hydrating your scalp. Our balanced blend of biotech and botanicals protects and strengthens, reduces frizz and fly-aways … all while leaving hair soft. Sold at some of the world’s most luxurious salons and spas, it’s the perfect solution for dry winter hair! Pair with Ethica Anti-Aging Conditioner to complete your hair care process by nourishing your scalp while leaving hair hydrated, protected and detangled. Even with the increased focus on moisturizing, hair loss increases in the winter. But don’t worry, Ethica has you covered! Ethica Advanced Daily Topical (formulated for men yet effective on women) and Ethica Corrective Topical (formulated for all genders) both deliver additional nutritional components deep to the hair follicle, further advancing hair protection and promoting hair growth.

Find Ethica Beauty at your favorite salon here: Store Locator.

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